Saturday, October 15, 2011

Down on the Farm

I LOVE fall. It's my favorite season. And before I had kids - I would day dream all the time about taking my kids to a pumpkin patch in the fall. For the last two years - we have missed out because it would be bad weather or we would have plans already or something would come up every Saturday. But TODAY we finally made it to a pumpkin patch and we had SO much fun!

We had a hard time getting a good picture because the girls wouldn't look and it was right in the bright sun.  Maybe we will try again for a picture on an overcast day! I still love these two little girls in orange!
For you locals - this patch is in Springdale and it was SO great because there was a petting zoo, pony rides, a wagon ride and a corn maze.  We stayed almost 3 hours and could have stayed longer.
They had baby pigs and goats and Harper went CRAZY over them!!! She had the BEST time!
She LOVED the pony rides.  She took several rides and just had so much fun!
Sweet Hollis mostly hung out in the stroller but she was so good! I think she had fun too!

A tractor pulled us on a wagon ride and it was a lot of fun.  Harper got to drive the tractor afterwards! :-) (Not really - but she did get a picture on it).
They had a big pile of hay for kids to get on and Harper loved that. They also had a big box of corn to play in and Harper LOVED that! They were also selling funnel cakes and fried twinkles and cotton candy but we skipped all that since it was almost lunch.
This picture cracks me up.  That's some true character coming out! We had such a great time and I hope we can go again.  The place is Farmland Adventures if you are looking for somewhere to go.

I saw the doctor who delivered Harper while we were there. I wanted to talk to her but I got "chawed" and I also got very choked up all the sudden.  I started crying and Scott thought I had lost my mind but seeing that doctor reminded me of the night Harper was born and how awful it was and then I watched Harper jumping and running around and saw how healthy she is and I was just overcome with thankfulness.  I am so thankful to that doctor but I was afraid she would think I was nuts if I started crying talking to her.  I'm just feeling very blessed on this beautiful fall day.  A day I dreamed of for many years.

Keep hope.  Your pumpkin patch days are coming. :-) And they will be worth the wait.

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