Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everybody Wang Chung tonight

Friday morning the girls and I headed for the weekend to my parent's house. We left Scott at home. He had to work and I knew he wouldn't have a good time at my reunion hanging out with people he didn't know so I let him off the hook.
This was Hollis' first trip to my parents. They made Harper a welcome banner on her first visit so Hollis got one too!

My parents enjoyed spending time with the girls. My aunt and uncle came for dinner and my mom fixed the best dinner complete with fried okra (my fav!) and Harper had so much fun playing with them.

My mom got my old cabbage patch dolls down for her to play with them and she had a lot of fun with them. I went and helped set up with a few friends for our 20th reunion. There were four of us girls who were the class officers (I was treasurer) and we set up the reunion. Actually the other 3 girls all live in town so they did everything - I just showed up and visited.

Hollis and I before we went to the class picnic Saturday. Harper wanted no part of being in the picture.

I was a little sad because only 10 people came to the reunion. I had the BEST time with everyone that came - I just wish the other 40 people would have come. I would have LOVED to have seen everyone else I graduated with. I haven't seen anyone in 20 years.
We got lucky because it's been in the 100's here lately but Saturday was only in the 80's and the weather was perfect for a picnic at the town park. Harper was SO tired because she didn't sleep much the night before so I ended up having to call mom and dad to come get her. Hollis stayed with me and did so great.
Saturday night we had a get together at the school cafeteria. We had lots of year books and pictures to look through. It was fun to talk about old times. I know it's been 20 years but to me everyone looked just the same (minus the big hair) and we could just pick right back up.
This is Tracie - she was one of my closest friends in high school. We were cheerleaders together and always had a lot of fun. I took Hollis with me at night too because she is in a period of separation anxiety. She just can't stand to be away from me and still won't take bottles so it was just easier to take her. And the rest of my class who were there all have older kids and teenagers so I think they liked passing her around.

I had a little fun - I couldn't decide what to wear to the reunion and Scott was no help so I tweeted 3 choices and had all my "tweet" friends pick. (Yes - my poor mirror is cracked - I've got to get a new one). The majority picked dress #3. I ended up not wearing the gold necklace to make it a little more casual. Love twitter! :-)
Here we are that night - all 7 of us who came. I think most reunions end up being just a small group. To me - it's just so fun to get back together! The guy next to me (well - the only guy) was my prom date my junior year. He and I were good friends in school. He's a doctor now. He was always really smart.

How much do you love our prom picture? ha!
While I was at the reunion - Harper had a great time playing with her grandparents. They went on a walk and played with their dog. Harper loves being outside and the country is the perfect place for it.

I love this picture of her

Today we went to church. I always love getting to hear my dad preach. Only I only heard the first few sentences of his sermon because Hollis wasn't having it so I took her out. Oh well - she looked cute.
Mom and the girls. We came home this afternoon after eating lunch at Pizza Hut! I love small town life!

I loved re-connecting with old friends. Did you go to your high school reunions? I'm already hoping we will have a 25th. Maybe I can talk more people into coming!

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