Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Mommy

This is my absolute favorite book we own.  Harper wants to read it at least 5 times a day and I just adore it. The little girl in it reminds me of Harper and it's just a sweet little book.  I was thinking of how much this little girl playing with her baby dolls reflects my own life........

"Little Mommy" by Sharon Kate   1967

This is my house and I am the mommy.  My children are Annabelle, Betsy and Bonny. (or Harper and Hollis in my case).

They are good little children and do just as I say (well.....almost).  I put on their coats and they go out to play.

Billy (or Scott) is daddy. He works in the city (or more like at home).  He has a new car (or more like 10 years old car) - Isn't it pretty?

I do the dishes and sweep the floors and wipe the fingerprints off the door.
I wash the clothes in my washing machine.  I scrub them with soap and rinse them clean.
Then I hang them on the line to dry.  I'll have to iron them by and by.  (or wear wrinkled clothes).

My children like to go for a ride.  They sit in the buggy side by side.
Now I will teach you the ABC, and who will count to ten for me?

I think it's time for me to bake.  I'll make some cookies and ginger cake.  

Dinner is ready, don't be late.  Put on your bibs and sit up straight!

Sit on my lap, it's story time.  I'll read a poem and a nursery rhyme.

It's bath time now for my little dears.  I scrub their necks and wash their ears.

I tuck them in bed and sing them a song.  And they'll be asleep before very long.
We mommies have such a lot to do (my favorite line) Good night, dollies.
 I'm sleepy too!

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