Monday, July 04, 2011

Big D

We went my parents on Friday to Dallas. A lot of my family lives in Dallas and I've been wanting to go for months but traveling when I was pregnant and with a toddler just seemed impossible so when my parents said they were going - we jumped at the chance to go with them!
I love Dallas - I was born there and always feel like Texas is a little in my blood. (BUT I'm an Arkansas girl through and through!) There are times I think I would love to live in Dallas but then I come home and realize this is where I belong. But I sure love to visit!
Saturday we went over to spend the day with my brother and SIL Chris and Carrie. I wish we lived closer and could see them more often. Carrie's parents had also come to visit them so it was nice to all be together.
We ate lunch at one of our favorite places - Matt's. It's Mexican food and they have this amazing dip. Sadly they are closing so we were glad to go one more time.
Me and my little sweetie. This was her first trip to Texas and she was such a trooper. It was SOOO hot. I don't know why we always visit Dallas in the height of summer but that's when we always go. Arkansas is ALMOST as hot but it just seems hotter there.
We went to North Park mall just to be able to walk around indoors. With these two - I didn't do any shopping. I kept thinking how I would love a full day just to spend at that mall alone - so many fun stores. But it's better this way - I didn't spend a dime!!!
My brother is into musical instruments and has quite a few guitars and Harper was just enthralled with them. She wouldn't leave them alone. I swear she is going to do something in music in her future.
Chris and Carrie have the CUTEST house. It's an older house in a neat neighborhood and they have fixed it up and decorated it like the pages out of a magazine. I need Carrie to come help me! Chris smoked a pork for our dinner and made us all these amazing appetizers. It was SO good and we just enjoyed being with them.
If you pay close attention - Harper has on FIVE different outfits in two days. I don't know what it is about being away from home that just makes her have huge accidents but I'm just glad I'm an over packer. Because I felt like I had to constantly change her clothes.
Of course Harper had a GREAT time being with her Papa and Nonny. She was thrilled to death to spend so much time with them. We stayed in a hotel and she would wake up wanting to see them and I would take her to their room as soon as she got up because they are early risers and it helped the rest of us to get ready. The girls actually did great sleeping all together in a hotel room.
But we went to bed late every night and they didn't have a nap either day we were there - so you can imagine what kind of mood Harper was in by the afternoon each day. I was worn out from trying to keep her under control in strange places.
This face probably says it all.
We spent Saturday at my aunt's house. My Aunt Kathy is my dad's sister and my Grandma lives with her. I was so thankful to see them. Kathy cooked a great dinner and we enjoyed visiting.
This was a special moment for me. This doll is Susie. This was Kathy's doll. And when I was growing up she lived at Grandma's house and me and my cousin Michelle would play with her. And Kathy brought her out for Harper to see and she just loved her. She was talking to her and carrying her around. At this very moment she was saying "Hey girl!" ha!
Four generations. My Grandma is the only living grandparent either Scott or I have so she is very special to me. My grandma would keep Chris and I and our cousins in the summer for a week or two and we always had SO much fun. She would keep us SO entertained - taking us to the mall and the movies and swimming. I will always treasure those summers I spent at her house. I'm SO glad my girls were able to meet her.
This is my Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom, and cousins Molly and Jackson with my grandma.

It was fun to see family but Scott and I were just worn out traveling with two kids and especially with a VERY active toddler who didn't get much sleep. We are pretty convinced they may be in school before we take any more trips.

My brother is a great photographer and he took this picture of Hollis and it might be my favorite picture ever.

We really didn't celebrate the fourth this year. It was more about celebrating family this time around and that is more than okay with me.

I hope you had a great fourth!!! We are blessed to live in America!

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