Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4 months, Friends and "pinning"

I had planned to do Hollis' 4 month post today but we are a little out of sorts and I haven't been able to take her monthly picture.  We had her 4 month appointment today.  I never cried with Harper when she got shots - mostly because she had already been through so much that  a shot seemed like nothing but I cried today with Hollis. She did great though and is just doing so good! She is sleeping and we have to go pick up big sister from MDO soon so I'll post about her tomorrow!

 With the summer here - I feel like I haven't seen my friends much at all. Between traveling and a bunch of us having babies and no Bible Study or play group - I have missed being with everyone all the time. I think we all feel that way so we got together at my friend Elizabeth's last night and ate ice cream and sat out on her deck until 11 talking and laughing. I had the best time.  I didn't even take any pictures except this one of my sweet friend Rachel holding Hollis.
 We did take a picture of all the new babies there last night.  This is Lela, Hollis, Noah (with Laurie and not his mom holding him), and Kamryn. They are all within 4 months of each other.  I said we could put this picture in the Senior Slide show on Senior Sunday in 18 years and hopefully they will all still be friends!
 And Random - but are ya'll into Pinterest???? I was kind of "meh" about it until this past week and I finally started looking at it and pinning ideas and I have gone nuts about it.  It's just Genius. I'm already thinking ideas for Hollis' birthday party and I love the idea of cookies and milk so I've been "pinning" ideas ......but I have 8 months so I could change my mind.
I'm sure 98% of you are into pinterest but if you aren't or have no idea what I'm talking about  - www.pinterest.com.  You know how you find things on the internet that you think are such cute ideas? Party ideas, recipes, home design, clothes, photos you want to take of your kids..........but then you go to use that idea and have NO idea where you saw it??? Well - now you can use this site to "pin" your ideas and put them on boards. I absolutely love it. AND you can follow all your creative friends and see what great things they are finding and pin their ideas to your boards too. 
Warning: It gets a little overwhelming and if you are like me - it's creative overload and I start feeling a little pitiful because of how un-crafty I am.  But it's a great place to keep good recipes or just any idea you might need. Or to help you plan parties.
Warning #2: It's a huge time zapper. And one I don't need. I already can't keep up with email and blog and twitter and facebook as it is. But sometimes late at night..................I do enjoy a little pinning! :-) DO YOU?

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