Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet Southern Comfort

This weekend we took Hollis on her first out of town trip. We headed south to visit Scott's family.  Our trip down there was not super fun.  It took us two hours longer than normal and included two traffic jams, losing our tail light, an outfit change after a bathroom accident, and a screaming baby (who normally never cries).  Scott and I decided we would never go anywhere again.  ha!
Scott's dad and Laurie's mom are first cousins and their families got together for a little family reunion.  It was fun because our girls got to play together - just in a different setting than normal.  Scott's family has a deer camp/farm out in the country and it's on very pretty land.
Sweet lifelong friends and third cousins!
Scott's dad worked all day frying fish.  We had a great dinner of fried fish and all the sides and lots of desserts.  It was SOOOOO hot - in the 100's.
We put the girls in their swimsuits and let them swim in this little pool and they had the BEST time.  It was very hard to get them to come out when we were ready to eat.
They have this old merry go round there and it is always a hit with the kids and adults! We enjoyed riding on it after dinner.
This may be my favorite picture of Harper ever.  She just looks so sweet.  If you are counting - this is her fourth outfit of the night.  We kept getting dirty or wet or both and luckily I brought a lot of clothes out there. ha!  We all needed major baths after being in the country and sweating like pigs!

I'm so thankful for these two - and especially for Scott. He's a great dad and I'm so lucky to share the parenting of these two precious girls together.  We are both lucky to have two amazing dads too! I wish all three of these wonderful men a Happy Father's day today!

Harper was SOOO excited to spend the weekend with her Pap-pa and Gigi!!
Laurie and Steve took a little after dinner drive! ha! 

And this may be favorite thing of the weekend - this is a picture of Scott's grandmother (she's the baby) and Laurie's Grandmother (she's the oldest one) and their other two sisters.  What do you notice about this picture??? BIG BOWS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN STYLE IN THE SOUTH!!! :-) Love it!
I'm so happy to carry on the tradition!

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