Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Singles Friday

Harper and I just wanted to remind you that Show us your singles Friday is THIS FRIDAY!!! I want to give you time to think of any "Single" you may know - friend or family that you can write about on Friday or if you are single yourself - you will want to look through all the posts this weekend or write about yourself or talk a friend into writing about you! I know so many of you have linked up before and maybe nothing happened and you feel discouraged. I can't say this is going to work for everyone..........God's plan may be something totally different for you.
But I do know there are SIX success stories - one wedding down and I'm pretty sure there are five to go!!! How about that E- Harmony?? ha!

I'm just excited to have a vehicle to use to hopefully help people meet someone!!! God really does work in mysterious ways and uses VERY ordinary people to do His work!!!

and if you have met someone and haven't told me - PLEASE let me know!! I love knowing that this blog is being used for something good besides making the grandparents happy! :-)

I'm already praying for the men my sweet girls will one day marry. They may marry early or late but I'm praying that God provides them a Godly spouse who will adore them. I'm praying the same for each of you!!! (I'm also praying that God will provide the money for us to pay for their weddings. ha!)

P.S. also - at the top of my blog you will see "SUYL topics" - that has all the old posts with all the links so you can go in and easily find different things like "Living Rooms" or "kid's parties" or "Appetizer recipes". I hope that helps. I'm going to keep it updated!

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