Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Our Day in iPhone pics

It's been a fun day.  I'm loving summer so far.  I won't go as far as to say this is my best summer ever......because that was probably more like when I was in college and worked at a camp and my biggest concerns were what boys were the cutest and what outfit looked best with my tan. Sigh. :-)  But having a precious family is a different kind of wonderful in itself.................

 We had a full day - I took both girls to Hobby Lobby this morning.  Do you love Hobby Lobby? It tricks me into having ideas that I'm creative when I'm not.  I'm throwing a Sip and See for my friend Hillary next weekend and I'm getting together little things for it.  She is going to get to show off her sweet baby Sadie to all her friends up here! I can't wait!
Then I took the girls to chick-fil-a for lunch and play.  I saw our Sunday School teachers there when I walked in with one girl in each arm and told them "I'm either crazy or a glutton for punishment" but we really had a good time.  Sweet Hollis slept mostly and Harper had the BEST time playing.  In fact I kind of had to pull her out kicking and screaming.
We came home for naps and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside.  I pulled weeds in our flower beds while Harper played with her ball and bubbles and Hollis just relaxed.  It is HOT already here.  We cooked dinner and then I decided it was time for the ultimate summer treat.................

We went as a family and it was SO good.  I'm pretty sure we will be going there a LOT this summer! YUM! It may be another summer goal to try every flavor!
We came home and Hollis and I went on a walk while Scott gave Harper a bath and got her ready for bed.  Hollis was asleep before we got down our street.  I love walking at night or early morning in the summer.

I also wanted to share about a trip going on right now with Compassion International in the Philippines.  If you are new to my blog - I got to go on a trip with Compassion back in November 2009 to El Salvador.  It was life changing and I saw first hand what a great organization Compassion is and what a difference sponsoring a child can actually make.  We sponsor two kids and I'd love to do more. They take groups of bloggers once or twice a year and let them see first hand and share with their readers about what Compassion is doing.  You can follow along with the group there now HERE.

But I would REALLY love if you would go read my friend Shaun's post.  Might make you think.

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