Saturday, June 11, 2011

David Crowder and a Sip and See

Get prepared.............this is long....................

We are having a fun weekend here! I hope you are too.

If you know me at know that the David Crowder Band is my all time favorite group. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They happened to be in town last night and I've known for a while they were coming. I had so much going on - I had kind of decided we shouldn't go ...... but then I found out they were breaking up after this year and I knew we HAD to go. It was a little touch and go because my mom was so sweet to come over and keep the girls for us but Hollis had never had a bottle until Thursday and we couldn't get her to take one so I almost didn't go.

My mom insisted we go and I'm so glad I did. Hollis took two bottles for her and did great and Scott and I had a much needed date night - all alone for the first time in three months. It was super hot because the concert was outside but DCB was AMAZING!! They sang almost all my favorite songs - it was a great concert. I was SO happy to be there!
Today Laurie and I threw a Sip and See for our friend Hillary and baby Sadie. A Sip and See (because people have asked) is basically like a party or shower held after the baby is born so people can see the baby - especially if it's an out of town mom and baby. It was a fun excuse for all Hillary's friends in NWA to come and meet Sadie!
My friend Robin who makes the amazing cookies is on "maternity leave" from making cookies right now so I got some from our favorite bakery.
Our table of food. We had cupcakes, cookies, a couple of dips, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket and fruit.
For drinks we had cherry limeade and this amazing punch that my blog friend Erin sent me the recipe for.
I saw this idea somewhere on a blog or website (I can't remember where) - but I mixed fruit with poppyseed dressing and put it in a waffle bowl. Just a cute way to serve it.
I dressed my girls alike today and wanted to take their picture but Harper was NOT having it. So this is the best we could get today. Some days you win, some days you don't. ha!
I'm holding 50 pounds of pure precious!
Caroline and her mom Robin came up for the Sip and See! We were so excited to see them! (Can you see Hollis' shoes? More on those in a minute)
Laurie and Caroline (and Harper). I thought Laurie looked so cute in her maxi dress!
The big news is Caroline is moving to my town in a few months!!!! She got a teaching job here and we are SOOO excited. She came up several weeks ago to interview and spent the night with us and Harper went NUTS over her. For whatever reason she called her "Ya-Ya". She has talked about her ever since and was SO happy to see her that she even started posing for us because she wanted her picture with her.
I mean - these shoes. Could you just die? We got these from Gracious May and I've just waiting for her to wear them.
Melissa and Grayson came! Grayson is just the cutest little boy ever!
The guests of honor - I love these two!
I was SOOOOO thankful to have my mom here to help me get ready for the sip and see. She helped me so much - I'm pretty sure I couldn't have pulled this off without her. She is a HUGE blessing to me.
Laurie has told me and Hillary for months she couldn't wait to hold Sadie and Hollis at the same time - so she finally got her wish today. I hope these two sweet girls will be friends growing up!
I was so excited Megan could come over from OKC to be here. Her CUTE Eli was born within weeks of Hollis and Sadie. It was fun to have so many babies here today! I really wanted to pile them all on a couch and take their picture but we just never made it happen.
Sarah and Ashley came from OK and Texas to be here! They had their precious kids with them but I didn't get a picture - I think they were busy playing in Harper's room!!! Ashley is the creator of lots of Harper and Hollis' cute outfits!!! (Sarah just threw the CUTEST party for her little boy so I was a little nervous for her to be at my little shindig).
This is Jillian Kate - could she be any cuter????
Hillary's mom Julie (she held Hollis half the time), sweet LizAnn and Melissa
Sweet Shannon holding Jillian
These are two of my favorite girls - Jennifer and Julee (Julee is pregnant after a struggle with infertility - I prayed for her so much and I'm just THRILLED that she is having a baby!!!!!)
Seriously - oh Sadie - you are TOO cute!!!!
Rebekah is one of my very favorite people! Her daughter and Harper are the same age and basically the same person. I love talking with her because our mothering experiences are so similar!
Melissa and new baby Honor and Sydney and Emerson got to come! I love these two girls - they are both SO nice! I wasn't kidding when I said we had a lot of babies there today!!
Scott took Harper over to Laurie's house to play with Sarah Kate and Emily during the party but Hollis stayed here and she was so good. She got passed around a lot - I didn't hold her at all. I don't mind sharing sometimes!
Katie is one of Hillary's best and oldest friends and I was glad she could come. She is such a beautiful and amazing person.

There were a few other people there that I somehow managed to not get pictures of. It was a little crazy at times but we had such a wonderful time. I hope it was a special day for Hillary and Sadie. It was fun to see a lot of people I'm friends with on twitter and people I've known for a while.

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