Monday, June 06, 2011

Bow, Bow, Bow Your Girls...........

I get so many questions and emails about a very important subject all the time and since this shirt above basically has my life slogan on it (I'm TOTALLY kidding!) ........... I decided it was time to do a post about bows.

NOW - I know so many of you read this blog and you live in other parts of the country than the south or you live in other countries and you think big bows on girls are ridiculous.  You probably don't like smocking either. Or monogramming. Or fried okra or sweet tea. Or dressing up at football games. BUT most of us in the south DO like to put big bows on our girls.  If it's not your style or you think it's dumb - hey - that's totally fine! That's the fun about reading blogs from all over - we all do things differently.

So for those of you who ask me all the time............this post is for you!

When Harper was a baby we got a LOT of wonderful big bow bands from  If you like BIG - she is your girl!!!! This fourth of July bow came from there.

Bows have to grow and change with the child.  When Harper was probably 0-8 months - we wore the big bow bands.  Once she got in hair - I started putting in little hair bows. And as she is growing - now that her head is bigger and her hair is longer - our bows are getting bigger.  I've started putting in those small clear rubber bands in to hold the hair and that keeps the big bows in better.

Laurie and I both prefer the style Harper is wearing above and her girls are wearing.  You can get those from the website I told you earlier under "sweetly southern bows" or we also gets ours at Dillards.

There are four zillion places on etsy to get bows.  I know it can get overwhelming.  I've been asked a lot about these flowers Hollis has been wearing.  We were given a bow that came from  HERE and I recently bought her another one because I love how soft it is and she can wear it and it won't bother her. They are kind of expensive but I tried to get one she could wear all the time.

I don't have a lot of specific shops for bows and I know a TON Of you make bows! I'd love it if you want to link up to your shops and maybe you could help everyone find bows for their little girls!!!!

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