Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

It was so nice to have an extra day in our weekend - especially because that means we had daddy home with us! And this is one of the first memorial day weekends I can remember that it was sunny and warm. Our town has a new splash park and I'm SO thankful for it. It's free and perfect because Harper loves water but I couldn't take her swimming by myself with Hollis this summer and this way - I can sit and watch her and not be worried. We decided to try it out this morning. Nothing like your swim diaper hanging out to make you look extra cute.
Harper had a good time. When the water was off or low - she would just run around squealing - but as soon as it came out high and she would get really wet - she would scream and cry and yell my name over and over. ha!
So I would wrap her up in a towel and cuddle her but then she would want to go RIGHT back out. ha! The good thing is both she and Hollis took a three hour nap (at the same time) this afternoon. Yes - this momma will be hitting the splash park A LOT this summer!! A big thank you to our town!!
Tonight Laurie, Steve and the girls came over to grill out so I dressed the girls up in their flag outfits. I love all things patriotic. I am SO thankful to live in a free country and I know that I owe all or most of that to the people who have served in our armed forces. These precious girls will never know their great grandpas but they had several who served in the wars and they are our heros. Thank to all of you - and a BIG thank you to a lot of you reading this who have husbands who are gone now or have been deployed. I can't imagine being left behind while your husband is overseas or those of you who have served yourself and left your families- thank you for your selflessness! We all owe you!
For once - Harper WANTED to have her picture taken and with her sister. I was so excited and she was so good for the pics but Hollis had hit her fussy hour and was NOT thrilled. ha! Oh well - one day they may both want to pose for me. :-)
Let's just say dinner is an experience with three busy girls and a baby who is crying non stop. But we are thankful for our friends.
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