Monday, April 04, 2011

Two on my own

We had a nice quiet weekend.  My friend Mary Avery came and brought us a meal on Saturday.  I was so thankful for that!

We decided Saturday night to go out to eat since it's so easy with just a baby.  Hollis wore her first smocked outfit and Texas sized bow.  Maybe because Hollis is my second girl or maybe it's all that hair - But I'm honestly not that into putting bows on her just yet.  I'm a big believer in bows for little girls but I think I may not push it on the early months as much!

My parents brought Harper home today and I was soooo happy to see her.  I was very surprised that she was so happy to see us.  Usually she cries when she has to come home and doesn't want us but today she seemed thrilled to see us.  She was even glad to see baby sister! I'm SOOOOO thankful to my parents for giving us that time alone with Hollis.  It helped so much!

I am glad to have my big girl back.  Even though it means our house is no longer quiet.  Today was my first day taking care of both girls and it wasn't super easy.  Hollis normally sleeps all day but today she didn't sleep a minute.  She was pretty fussy (I'm afraid I ate something she didn't agree with) so I had to spend more time than normal holding her and dealing with her which made it hard to take care of Harper too.  I know it will get easier and we will just take it one day at a time.


Luckily my friends Amy and Kacy brought us dinner tonight.  I didn't take a picture because I answered the door with a screaming baby in one arm and a wild toddler in the room.  Eating dinner was a challenge also.  Scott and I are thankfully a team and he helped me tonight.  It's funny getting adjusted to a new normal!  We feel SOOOO blessed to have these girls!

WE laughed because Harper came in today poking out her lip constantly and she looked like she had been dipping skoal.  My parents DO live in a small town in the country - we wondered what kind of habits she picked up in the week with them.  ha ha! Only kidding! 

We enjoyed the quiet - but we are glad to have a little "rowdy" back too!!!

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