Friday, April 01, 2011


 We have been having a nice week the last few days.  My friends Amber and Berkli brought us wonderful meals! I am SO blessed by my friends.   I've had to laugh because all my close friends lately have seemed to get into two things: couponing and running.  Several of my friends are running a 5K tomorrow and I think all my friends have gone berserk over couponing.  Not just clipping a few coupons - but Hardcore - hitting a bunch of stores and compounding coupons.  I need to jump on that train but it seems overwhelming.  I can probably promise I'm not taking up running any time soon! I hope they don't all disown me! :-)
 Hollis had her two week appointment this morning.  We just had to go back once more and make sure she is gaining weight. She was up to 9 lbs and 10 oz.  Almost up a pound since her birth.  But she's STILL a little smaller than Harper was at birth.  I love my big girls! 
 Today is my best friend Laurie's birthday! Hollis and I met her for lunch.  Hollis was so good - she slept through the whole lunch and Laurie and I just sat and stared at her.  I got tickled because all morning she had on that little hat with the big pink flower and/or the hot pink blanket on her - and a woman at the doctor's office asked me if she was a boy or a girl and our waiter kept calling her "Him".  I don't know about y'all - but if I had a boy - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't put a flowered hat or hot pink blanket over him.  
Happy Birthday Laurie!!!

Some of my friends have sent me the sweetest gifts for Hollis this week.  I had to share a few of them.  I love this little plaque with her info and that sweet Bible verse!!! SO true!!!! 
I love this blanket a sweet friend sent with all her info on it - isn't it cute???
It came from here:
Our favorite song in our house to sing is "Jesus loves me".............and so I ADORE this precious sign that Susie made for Hollis' room. It brought tears to my eyes.

And I have a friend Amy who made the CUTEST plates for my girls (in the color of their rooms).  LOVE!

I have loved every second of just having quiet time to enjoy this sweet girl before her sister comes back.  I love just being able to sit and hold her.  That will all change next week when I'm beginning the journey of taking care of both girls by myself! :-)  Hollis continues to be the sweetest baby.  I could just eat her up with a spoon! Don't y'all think she looks NOTHING like Harper??? I love that they might be so different in looks and personality!

I am missing my sweet first baby.  She is having a blast with my parents.  We talk on "face time" to her at least a few times a day and my parents text me pictures of her constantly.  I know she is having the BEST time. She went to church with them on Wednesday night and spent the entire time trying to play the guitar with this guy. She LOVES music. Maybe she will be an American Idol one day! ha ha!  My parents will probably need a week of sleep after she leaves.  You can read what she is up to on my mom's blog (but I don't think she has a lot of time to update). 

Have a wonderful weekend! The weather here is turning warm and beautiful and we plan to enjoy it!

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