Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thunderstorm and Showers Thursday

Laurie came over today and wanted to take some pictures of her girls in their Easter dresses.  They were so easy because they actually posed!! (Instead of a certain 2 year old I have to chase down to even TRY to get a picture. ha!) I thought this was the SWEETEST picture ever. I just adore Emily.  I remember when she was Hollis' size and age and now she is so grown up!

 I love these girls! Harper was thrilled to have her friends here. She is obsessed with Emily.  I'm sure she seems like a cool teenager to her.  She got a new princess coloring book the other day and she pointed at the pretty princess on front and said "Emily!"  They stayed for lunch and we ate and they played.  It was a nice morning!
Harper LOVES Laurie. She is so good for her.  She cried when she left. And Laurie loves to hold babies so Hollis got a lot of attention from her.

We live in Tornado Alley and we are supposed to get awful storms tonight. That is the one thing I do NOT love about spring.  I'm scared to death of bad storms.   We have been having such nice weather but tomorrow is going to be cold and rainy.  I had hoped to take Harper to the park today after her nap but it's SOOO windy.  We just made a little drive to Sonic Happy Hour instead.  It may sound crazy but some days little drives to Sonic during the late afternoon are what keep me sane as a mom.

 Tonight we had a baby shower for my friend Erin.  Here are Kacy, Bethany, Amber, and Julie. They wanted to be known as the "runners" table.  These are my friends who have started running all the time.  I'm not joining their club any time soon (although if I ever want to fit into any of my clothes - I might have to)
 Robin, Amy and Amy
 Jessica and Erin
It's fun because Erin has a little girl Kinley who is 2 months older than Harper and now she is having Kamryn who will be 2 months younger than Hollis. I told her we may have lots of sleepovers one day with our girls. Erin is the sweetest girl so I'd be thankful if my girls were friends with hers!
Amanda and Mary Avery who are both having babies this summer! 

Tomorrow mid morning I will have SUYL up! It's all about what books you are reading - which I'm excited to get ideas for.  Also - next week I will put up all the info on watermarking and protecting your pictures. It's not foolproof but it's still a good idea. I just need time to get everything together because I have a lot of different ways and methods to do this!

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