Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Us Your life - What is your reading list????

I love to read. I really do.  But since Harper was born - I just can't find time to read.  (Or I guess I should say - I just do a lot of other things in my time than read).  BUT now that I have a newborn who is up in the night - I thought I could get a book or two to read during those wee hours and maybe before I go to bed.

The only books I've read in the last year have been "Crazy Love" and "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan, "Radical" by David Platt and "Plan B" by Pete Wilson. Those are all AMAZING books to grow your faith.  I also read "The Help" on vacation. Loved it. I love Southern style fiction.

I can't wait for the movie this summer.

I was asking on Twitter the other night for book suggestions.  I got a LOT of suggestions for anything by Karen Kinsbury or Francine Rivers.  So I'm going to look into that. Also "Like Water for Elephants" which is coming out in a movie soon.  I really just like to read fiction and I'm not into any vampire stuff. ha! So I'm planning on making a trip to the library or to my friend's libraries to borrow some books for this summer.
What is on your summer reading list? 

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