Saturday, April 09, 2011

These days are our Happy Days!

 We have had a good couple of days lately at our house.  Harper has slept all night in her own bed for the last two nights so that is a big improvement and Hollis is going 3-4 hours at a time at night so I feel like a human!
We have been blessed to have friends continue to bring us meals.  Our friend Ginger and her daughter Alex came Wednesday.  It's been wonderful but everyone has brought us such good food including amazing desserts and it's not helping my baby weight loss. But I've given myself until next week to eat all I want and then I'm going to start watching it!
 Harper can be such a handful but she also is SOOOOO funny!  Scott is always teasing her and telling her she better not kiss any boys - she can only kiss Mommy and Daddy.  So now at night - she will always look at us out of the side of her eyes with the funniest look on her face and say "Harper - you been kissing any boys?" and then a big "NOOOO!".  She has a little boy in her MDO class that I think she has a crush on. His name is Jackson and she talks about him all the time.  She may only be two but Daddy is not liking her talking about boys. ha! He's going to HATE when she's 15. ha!
 Hollis continues to be such a sweet easy baby. Scott always says he almost forgets she lives here.  I just am more in love with her every day.  She has started smiling at me when I talk to her and it's so sweet. She has a deep dimple in one of her cheeks when she smiles that I love!  Her hair is also very thick and curly. I'm wondering if she is going to keep that curly dark hair. She will be such a contrast to Harper!
 Yesterday some of my friends went out to eat for lunch to celebrate Laurie's birthday.  We had so much fun. I brought Hollis and she was so good. Until the end of the meal when she got hungry.  Nursing a baby is always an adventure. This was our first time away from home when I needed to deal with it. I was going to do it in the car but it was almost 90 here on Friday and I just couldn't handle it so I ended up in the bathroom.  Awkward - but you do what you have to do, huh? (and thanks for any suggestions but I don't care if I lived in a nudist colony - I couldn't breastfeed in public.)(ha ha ha! I'm fairly certain I would never live in a nudist colony - I'm probably one of the most modest people that has ever lived).
 Me and the birthday girl
 Harper has started wanting to hold her sister all the time. She will rock her arms like she is rocking a baby and say "Hold the baby?"  (She rarely says Hollis. If I say something about "Hollis" - she will say "NO- Baby!") ha! A sweet blog reader sent the girls these Big and Little Sis shirts.  I had to get their pictures in them today! My girls have the same nose and maybe the same mouth - but other than that they are night and day!
 Harper has also started lifting her shirt and saying "Harper feed the baby".  Scott and I are terrified she will go to church tomorrow and lift her dress and try to "feed" some child in there. ha!
 This afternoon we needed to get out of the house so we had a family outing to Chick-fil-a for ice cream and playing.  I told Scott CFA was one of my favorite places ever.  They have good food, play Christian music, help out our local schools and churches and I love to go in the afternoon when it's not busy and just sit and relax and let Harper play and I don't have to worry about chasing her down. ha!
 We were the only ones there today and Harper had  the time of her life!
 She has NEVER been able to climb all the way up into the slides and higher parts of the playground until today! I was so proud of her and so aware of how big she is getting!
We took this picture this morning when we were still in our pajamas and Harper was wanting to hold the baby.  There are times when I miss those lazy Saturdays when I could sleep late and then shop or go out to eat or just lay on the couch watching lifetime movies all days but I wouldn't trade it for these precious gifts even if Saturdays now mean getting up at 6 a.m. and watching Disney Clubhouse and changing a ton of diapers and no rest at all.  These are truly the BEST days!

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