Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baths and Bunnies

We have had a few important firsts this weekend that I don't want to forget.  Hollis' umbilical cord FINALLY fell off and we gave her her first real bath last night.  She did not love it.  She's such a laid back, easy baby but the bath made her super mad.  Oh I love babies right after their baths.  I love toddlers right after their baths.  I just love little kids all clean in their pajamas!

Hopefully Hollis will learn to love her bath!

 Here is Harper in one of her first baths.  :-)

Today was ALSO the first day we went to church as a family of four.  We were going to wait until Easter but it's been warm and the sick season is hopefully over and I just decided it was time.  Hollis did wonderful. She slept the whole time.  I put both girls in "bunny" dresses since it is almost Easter.
Here is Harper wearing the same dress two years ago.  (I apologize but from now on I will probably be putting a lot of pictures of Harper when she was the same size as Hollis. I'm not trying to compare them because they are two different girls but it makes me sentimental to think of each girl in certain outfits or doing certain things).  It's hard for me to remember Harper being this small.
Here is Harper in her bunny dress. She didn't want her picture taken so this was the best I could get but she looked so precious today.  Her new favorite thing to say CONSTANTLY is "Harper do it" (I guess you can see she talks about herself in the third person a lot). ha! She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. I told Scott today that Kelly Clarkson wrote a song about her - "Miss Independant". :-)

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