Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

Well - I'm still here! No baby yet! We had a great weekend! I hope you did too!

One of the best ministries our church has is monthly they have a PNO (Parents Night Out).  We pay practically nothing and our kids can stay from 6-10 while we all go on dates! It's a HUGE blessing - especially since most couples in our church don't have family in town or want the expense of a babysitter.  It's SO important to get time alone with your spouse when you are raising young kids. Scott and I have never taken part before because the first year of Harper's life - she went to bed by 6 so we just had dates at home after she was in bed and this year - we have had a conflict every month. BUT by golly - we marked it on our calender because we knew this might be our last chance for a LONG time to have time alone!
We ate at P.F. changs and it was SO good! And we saw 3 couples we know there so that was fun. And Harper had a BLAST!
Saturday Harper and I went to a birthday party for a special little girl named Cilla. It was SO cute. It was barn yard themed and everything was just so cute.  I didn't take enough pictures!
Sarah Kate and Emily
Harper is SO in love with her Aunt Laurie. She had to be by her side every minute.  When we go to school or church - she will walk the halls saying "Waurie (how it sounds), where are you????". 
Sweet Cilla and her mom Rebekah.  Rebekah is a special friend I've had for a long time. Laurie and I got to know her when she was in college and she has always been a good friend ever since. We were in her wedding and it's been so neat to be friends so many years later with girls the same age!
Jennifer and cutie pie Jillian
Harper made a BEE LINE for the cookies when we got there. She had so much fun. The party was in a barn owned by a couple I used to go to church with.  I was picturing a barn with hay and straw but this was bigger and nicer than most houses! They had a HUGE room with all kinds of toys for the kids to play with and Harper had SO much fun she didn't want to leave! It made for a good nap later in the day!

Scott and I spent the rest of Saturday getting ready for baby.  Everything is set up so I feel pretty good about her coming any time now! It won't be long!
Today we had church and then lost our minds and decided to eat lunch with Steve and Laurie. This was our first Sunday lunch out with them in probably a year or more. And our last. I think we will wait a few more years before we try again. ha! We all came home and took long naps so we are feeling rested tonight!

Hope you have a great week!!!

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