Monday, March 14, 2011

A long post with a whole bunch of stuff!

FIRST - All of you girls who live in ARKANSAS or any surrounding states - Do you know Beth Moore will be in Little Rock on April 15-16? (And y'all know Beth is an Arkansas girl, right???? Raised in Arkadelphia (home of OBU!!!)) The details are HERE! If you have never been to a Beth Moore event or maybe never even a women's conference...........................I URGE you to go! Invite a few friends and have a girl's weekend! I promise it will be one of the best weekends of your life! It's worth the effort of having your husband take the kids and planning ahead! Beth is an AMAZING speaker and she always seems to have a direct message from God. She has blessed my life so much in the last few years and has helped me grow in my faith. I would be there in a new york minute if I wasn't about to have a baby! But I hope that SO MANY of you will sign up and go! You will thank me!!!
ALSO - I am giving away TWO tickets!!! So visit over HERE and I will draw the winner NEXT Friday (March 25th)!!!

Kristen is a blogger who I got to meet because she also travelled with Compassion. She went to Kenya last year and I love that she came back not just changed but wanting to put things into action. Her family has started MERCY HOUSE - a home in Kenya for pregnant girls. I love her heart!
She has written a fun book and I wanted to share it with you! Here's a little video she did about the book! I love what she has to say in this video and I feel like I'm one of the moms she is talking about! You can find it at Amazon or Lifeway or most book stores!

"Don't Make Me Come Up There" Blog Tour Promo from Derek Harvey on Vimeo.
And warning - this might be a little too much for the old blog but we took belly pictures at the exact same spot in my pregnancies and I think I look the same big???
Harper weighed 9 lbs 12 oz. What is your guess on Hollis??????

(For the record my family and friends are guessing around 8 lbs. BUT I will be shocked if she's smaller than Harper because she feels huge in there!)
I'm very modest - so I know, I know..............BUT when I look at these pictures - I see two miracles.
It's so overwhelming to think about how God lets babies grow in our stomachs and how our bodies can do this! AND I love knowing that He already knows every single thing about Hollis - He knows the number of her days, the hairs on her head, who she will marry, what she will be like. I'm not in control!

My mom had this picture on her blog because Friday was my brother's 35th birthday and this was the day my mom went to have him in the hospital. I think Harper looks a lot like me - I just had longer, darker hair and she has bigger, prettier eyes. I'm a month older in this picture than she is. And I think I should be jealous of my mom's styling maternity outfit!

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