Thursday, February 17, 2011

Books with a purpose

I want to tell you about two very special books that two friends of mine have recently published that are also for a great cause!

Jaimi is one of of my sweetest friends from church and she recently published this precious children's book to help raise money for Arkansas Children's Hospital.  Her nephew was born at 25 weeks and weighed less than a pound and spent several months at ACH.  (Read Logan's story here on Jaimi's blog) In his honor - she is hoping to raise money to help ACH by giving 50% from each book sold to them! This is the cutest book any child would love and it's for a wonderful cause.  You can order the book from this website or you can also choose to donate one to a child at ACH.  Something small like that could be a huge lift to a child and their family who are having to spend time in the hospital!

Last year I went to El Salvador with Compassion International.  Dan Woolley was on that trip with me. He works for Compassion and has the HUGEST heart to help kids in poverty.  Last January he was on a trip with Compassion with one other guy in Haiti when the earthquake happened.  They were staying at the Hotel Montana and had just came back to the hotel when it collapsed.  His friend David Hames unfortunately did not survive and Dan was trapped in an elevator shaft for days.  He has an AMAZING story of how he stayed alive using his iPhone for light and information. He has an amazing testimony of faith and survival and you will be SO blessed to read this! Go here to order the book.
And I'm so excited to say that a portion of each book sold is going to Compassion International's work in Haiti!

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