Saturday, February 12, 2011

Babymoon Staycation

 My parents asked me a week or so ago if they could come get Harper and keep her for a few days so I could get some rest and so Scott and I could have a little alone time before Hollis came.  I hated to say yes because Harper is a handful but thankfully they insisted! I know they love getting time with Harper and she is beside herself to get to be with them! And I have to admit - it's nice to have a couple of days to just rest and maybe get a little nesting done. We are SOOOO grateful to our parents who help us so much and love our girls so much!
 They came over today and Scott and Dad went to the Razorback game and us girls went and had a fun lunch at Mimi's.  Harper was SOOOOOOOOOOOO wound up to have them here. You could tell the cabin fever had gotten to her. She was showing out big time!
I love this little "Valentines" outfit! I thought she looked too cute today! She looked so old to me today.

(I got her outfit off a little while ago. It's a Baby Lulu outfit!)

 Since we were kid free - Scott and I had a little date night tonight!!! I wanted to look cute for my date so I wore this new top/tunic/dress I got and thought it looked pretty good until I turned sideways. GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!! I had to take a picture because judging from how big I'm looking - Hollis might be 12 pounds after all.  I'm at the point where I can just barely move - and I still have a month to go!  Being pregnant is a miracle and I'm so thankful and I love being big - it's just amazing how much your body can stretch!!!
We ate at one of our FAVORITE restaurants - Doe's - and it was so good. This was mine! (No - I promise we shared this!) They also have the best salads and these biscuits that you eat with honey and they kind of taste like beignets without the powdered sugar. And yummy gumbo too! I could barely move I ate so much and I don't have much room to eat these days! Then we headed to a movie! That was a real treat because we never go to movies.  Apparently all of NWA was at the movies tonight - I don't know if it was cabin fever or Beiber fever but the theatre was a MADHOUSE! You can tell we don't get out much anymore. ha!  We had such a nice time and are enjoying our little Babymoon staycation.

Is it sad that the thing I have been most excited about is we have planned to go out to eat lunch after church tomorrow? We haven't been out to eat for Sunday lunch in over a year because of Harper and that is my favorite thing in the world! I don't miss it too much because I know it's just a season and in 3-4 years maybe we will be back on the Sunday lunch program - but I AM looking forward to church and lunch tomorrow!!!

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