Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warm Days, Frozen Meals, and a Fun Event

It's the end of January, right??? I'm so confused because we were in the 70's here today and it was beautiful outside. Of course they are forecasting a huge snowstorm next week. But we had to get out and try to enjoy this day anyway! We piled the whole family in the car and headed out for a city park but so did the other 30,000 people in my town. So we just kept driving past a couple of parks and ended up coming home and just taking a walk (after a stop at Sonic Happy hour!)
Also - you'll be glad to know Dawson got groomed today. I haven't gotten Harper groomed yet. (ha!) Dawson even got a report card with an A plus that said he was a "really good boy". I was so proud!
So - I mentioned a few posts back that I plan to freeze some meals before Hollis comes. I did this before Harper came and it was a HUGE help. Our Sunday School class brought us meals for about 3 weeks but even after that - it was nice not to have to worry about cooking. This time I'm thinking about the first few weeks and we have family staying with us - I don't want anyone worrying about meals. I have a few ideas of what I'll make and freeze - but I was wondering - do any of you have suggestions of things you have made and froze that worked out well? I figure if I can make a meal or two every week for the next 6 weeks or so - that would leave us well stocked!

And finally - this is for local girls - but I want you to put something on your calendar now!!! I know All of you or most of you probably read Angie Smith's blog (and if you don't - shame on you!)(ha!) She is an amazing, Godly woman with a huge testimony. Her husband happens to have a pretty awesome voice and is the lead singer with Selah. Angie has written a book about her story "I will carry you" and has just finished her second book. And she is about to start touring and speaking with Women of Faith. God's hand has really been on her recently and He is using her in mighty ways. And I love that because she is such a wonderful role model and also - she's absolutely hilarious. And she is so cute. It's a little too much actually. ha! She's also the mother to five precious girls (including sweet Audrey in heaven).
SO ........................the exciting news is she is going to be speaking at a women's event at my church (FBC Bentonville) on Saturday, February 26th at 9 a.m. AND I want you to all PLEASE come!!!! You will be SO blessed! Put it on your calendar now - tell your husbands they have to keep the kids for about two hours that Saturday (there is no football and no lawns to be mowed so I'm sure they will be happy to!) ha! I'll write about it again closer to time and give more specifics but if you live anywhere near me - I really hope you will come and hear what God will say through Angie and hug her neck!

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