Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing while we can

My friend Rebekah invited us over for a little play date today! I was SOOOOO excited because they are calling for a foot of snow here starting tomorrow and that means we probably won't leave the house again until this weekend.  So I was THRILLED to have some activities today. 

My friend Jennifer and her little sweet Jillian came and so did Laurie and Sarah Kate. Seeing sweet little Jillian made me anxious to have Hollis here and have a little baby again! She is SOOOOOO cute! Her big brother Brody was at MDO so we missed him.  I think Jennifer may be a little stressed after getting a glimpse into her future with girls.  Maybe it's not all girls - but all the girls I know are DRAMATIC! These 3 cuties: Harper, Sarah Kate and Cilla took turns crying and throwing fits over every little thing. We just had to laugh.  It's funny how you can see the differences in the sexes at such young ages!
We had a lot of fun playing and visiting.  Harper and I left there to make a trip to Target for last minute supplies.  I'm so glad we went there because it wasn't too busy.  I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and you would think it was Apocolypse Now.  I know all of you in the North or the West laugh at us but in the south - the world comes to an END when it snows. And the grocery stores are "enter at your own risk". 
So we are stocked up on a ton of food and ready for the storm to come.  Or as ready as we can be. I hope I will use a little time this week to get things done and not get cabin fever too bad.

Here is a schedule for SUYL Fridays for the next few months. I'll also post it on

February 4 - Tell us what you feed your toddlers/preschoolers - HELP!
February 11 - Tell us your hair and beauty tips!
February 18 - Tell us about your alma mater
February 25 - Tell us what you make (etsy stores, clothes, bows, etc)
March 4 - Tell us about your family - parents, brothers, sisters - feature them!
March 11 - Show us your kids’ birthday parties
Break because I will be having Hollis sometime around here
April 1 - Tell us about your church
April 8 - Tell us mother’s day/father’s day ideas
April 15 - Tell us what is on your book list right now
April 22 - Tell us how you stay organized
April 29 - Tell us about your favorite vacation spots (include places to eat , stay, what to do)
May 6 - Share your home school stories (how it works for you, curriculum, etc)
May 13 - Favorite Main course recipe
May 20 - Favorite Dessert
May 27 - Favorite appetizer recipe

And also - this is the sweetest book written about sisters and Erica felt led to write a whole series of books and each one has a memory making activity, along with a craft and a recipe to encourage more quality time.  If you know a set of sisters or have girls yourself - this would be a great book to have! I'm giving one away here on Friday - just come leave me a comment!

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