Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Mirror

I finished a project for Hollis' nursery this weekend that I thought I would share! It's going to hang above the day bed and I just LOVE it!
I can not take credit for the idea. I saw it on this blog - probably a year ago and have had it in my head ever since that I was going to do something similar in a future nursery if we had a girl. Isn't this nursery to die for? (This is NOT my nusery - this is this sweet blogger's nursery. You can check out her blog for more amazing decorating!)

All I did was order a personalized monogram off of etsy by searching for "vinyl monograms". There are TONS to choose from. I have a friend that makes these also here. These are ones you could put on a wall but I LOVED the idea of putting it on a mirror. I wanted a chunky gold mirror and couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I ended up going to a custom glass place here in town and having them cut me a mirror to fit a frame from hobby lobby. And then I had Hobby Lobby put it together for me. The vinyl was hard to get on. There are air bubbles and it doesn't look perfect but I think it will look good on the wall anyway.

And the ideas are ENDLESS.
I could see this on a white or pink shabby chic frame
Or this for a boy's room on a white frame
I love this for a modern nursery or kid's room - with a modern shaped frame
And this is so girly for a girl's room in a big elaborate frame

Just thought I'd share a fun idea!!!!

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