Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hollis' Nursery

When I was pregnant with Harper - it was after YEARS of praying and waiting on a baby and I'd had a LOT of time to plan her nursery and work on it.  I'm fairly certain at this point her nursery was done and her closet was full.
I am equally excited about Hollis coming - but with a busy toddler and Christmas and 100 other things going on - I confess I haven't done one thing to get ready for our sweet baby.  So I decided it was time to get busy.
Harper's room is very pink and girly and I love it but I decided I wanted to do something a little different this time around.  I wanted to make the room just a cool and calm and soothing room.  I'm actually more excited about how I think it's going to turn out (at least in my head) than I was about Harper's room.

I found this very old dresser at a local antique store on Friday and fell in love with it.  It's absolutely perfect for the feel I want in Hollis' room.  And it was the perfect size for the spot I needed it to go in.  And I love the glass knobs that are original to the dresser.  I love it SOOOO much! Last night I ordered the perfect picture to hang above it!

This is the fabric for the bedding we are doing.  It's going to have a ruffle on the bumper and a gathered skirt  and be very girly - but I love the colors and the paisley. 

I'm not anywhere near ready to move Harper from her crib. I think every kid is different but I decided to keep her in hers and get a new crib for Hollis.  I wanted a girly looking crib and I finally decided on this one. It's in antique white. I'd love to try to antique it a little more to match the dresser but I'm nervous about that. I guess we will just see when it comes.  (Have any of you done that???? You may need to email me if so!)

I have plans for things to go on the wall - like I want to do big gold shadow boxes with the sweet white Feltman brothers dress that both Harper and Hollis did/will come home from the hospital in.  And I think I'll frame this sweet monogrammed linen bib and maybe some monogrammed bloomers in the other.
(This is the coming home dress I want to frame - and when was she EVER this little?????)

Scott's parents are coming to visit after Christmas and I plan to put Scott and his dad to work moving things around and putting up the crib while we have someone here to help! Then hopefully by mid January - the nursery will just about be done.  Luckily since we are having another girl - we really don't need anything else but a few small things! That's the blessing of having two of the same sex!

I just honestly can't believe we are about to have another baby! Nearly every night I look at Scott and say "We are about to have TWO babies!!!"

And can I just ask you to pray for a friend?
Amy is a blogger who I've had the opportunity to meet in person. She has struggled with infertility for years and I have been praying for her so much. My heart just is broken for her. And this weekend they found out her husband has a growth on his brain.  They aren't certain yet just what it is but I just know they have been through SO much this year.  I know they would love your prayers!

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