Tuesday, December 21, 2010

23 months

 Harper you are 23 months!

I can't believe in less than one month - my little baby will be two!

You weigh 33 lbs
You wear a size 2T and often a 3T
You wear a size 7 shoe

 You have changed so much in just the last few weeks.  Every day I notice you getting older.
You are beginning to be more like a little girl. 

You talk all the time and you are starting to say more sentences. 
You are throwing less fits and I think it's because we are communicating better! 

You can tell me your opinion on almost anything - I love that I can ask you questions and you can tell me yes or no. 
 Just this week I have taught you to start saying "Yes Ma'am!" and "Please" when you want something. You are so cute when you say both of those things! 

You are so smiley all the time! You really have the cutest happiest personality!

I hate to say this - because it might jinx me - but you have been consistently sleeping through the night lately. I think it's made us BOTH so much happier. I sure hope you keep it up!
 You are so loving! You love all animals. You want to hug and pet every cat and dog you see.

You also want to hug every person you see. It's so sweet. I can tell you are going to have a sweet tender heart and combined with your strong will - you should be an amazing person!
Your favorite thing to eat is oatmeal. You ask for it every morning and most nights you want it for dinner too. You also LOVE applesauce and apple juice.

You have started playing independently for short periods of time in your room. I'm hoping after Christmas when we turn your room into more of a play room that you will play even more in there.

You absolutely LOVE going to school and church! I'm so thankful for your teachers and how sweet they are to you! You have learned so much - you can even count to ten! I LOVE peeking in at you at school and watching you interact with the other kids.  Your favorite thing is play dough! And puzzles!

It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with you and now you are about to be two! I keep wondering if Hollis will look or act anything like you. I have a feeling you will be completely different but I will love both of you so much. I hope you will be best friends.

I love you so much my sweet, sweet baby girl!

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