Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving!! I haven't dropped off the earth but we were out of town most of the week and I just decided to take a small break from blogging to enjoy my family!

We went to Scott's family this year for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. Here is Harper in her turkey day outfit. Could this be any cuter??? It's a hand me down from another Harper who has a mother who is an amazing seamstress. The back of the shirt says "Gobble till you wobble". ha!
Unfortunately we had a diaper accident before we could even eat but fortunately I had another turkey day outfit. Her turkey dress from last year became a shirt this year and she looked adorable in it once again. (I love getting at least two years of wear out of things - and now I'll get 2 more years with Hollis!)
Here is Harper going to town on her first thanksgiving meal.  Last year she was still on baby food. She liked the sweet potatos best of all.  Scott's family fixed an amazing meal and we all ate too much!
This picture just cracks me up - her face! She seemed like such a big girl this trip. She had so much fun playing and being with her grandparents.  She has started grabbing us by the hand and saying "Come on" and then she will get you to do whatever she wants you to do. She loves to make you lay on the ground and go "night night".  Or "sit" at her little table and play.  She is so funny!
Friday afternoon Scott, his dad and his best friend Steve went hunting. They each got a deer and they were so excited. They just finished hunting for over a week and barely saw any deer.
Saturday the girls did a little shopping and had lunch together.  Harper is just crazy about her "Gigi".
This girl is a daddy/grandpa girl though. She LOVES her grandmothers but she has a special bond with her grandpas. I think she said "Pap-Pa" 10,000 times this weekend. You can see in her little face that she thinks he is just it! She is the same way with my daddy.
You may have heard that the Hogs had a big game on Saturday against LSU. This is always the biggest game of the year and this year it was especially big.  And it could not have gone better! We won and are now #8 in the country and hopefully headed to a BCS bowl! What a great season! Harper wore the cutest outfit to cheer on those hogs!
Harper and her grandparents! We went to the next town over and met up with my best friend Laurie and her family and her parents for dinner.  It was fun to all get together!
Our family of (clearly) four before we left to eat. 
I have to share that I have been a little nervous because I haven't been feeling Hollis kick as much as I think she should. (I even tried to go to a few ER's one day when Harper was in school hoping they could do a doppler on me but they were both full - because I'm crazy like that) but this weekend she has been kicking up a STORM. I'm thinking it could be all the pecan pie I ate.  I'm afraid what Scott keeps saying may come true - he loves to joke that Hollis will make Harper look like an easy, calm baby. ha! HELP! 
It was wonderful to feel her moving so much!
I also had MAJOR Braxton hicks most of Friday afternoon night. Luckily I was able to rest since Gigi could take care of Harper and by Saturday I felt great. 

Harper and her best friend Sarah Kate. It was so sweet because after we ate - they got down from the table and just starting hugging and kissing each other. Laurie and I loved seeing that because they are usually fighting like sisters. ha! We went over to Laurie's parents house after dinner and ate dessert and the girls had a big time playing together.

We left this morning and got home a little while ago and I'm so happy to be home! I have a fun week and a VERY exciting weekend coming up that I can't wait to share about! I hope you all had a very BLESSED weekend!

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