Monday, November 29, 2010

Smile for the Camera

We love to take pictures around here. One thing we invested in before Harper was born was a really good camera. And I'm SO thankful. We have taken thousands of pictures of her (if you can't tell) and to me there isn't a price you can put on it because you can't get these days back. I love to go back and look at pictures of Harper. I'm amazed at how even a few months ago she looked so different. I try to make it a priority to take her picture every day. (Blogging helps me with that!)
Scott has a Canon 5D. I get asked a lot what kind of camera we have. It takes amazing pictures but it's VERY heavy and bulky and it's just not easy to take with me. I have a little point and shoot from a few years ago and it takes awful pictures and has been acting up which has left me with my phone as a camera when I am out and about.
With Hollis coming and just wanting to take pictures when we are away from home (which is a lot) - I convinced Scott I needed a smaller DSLR to carry with me. So today I got my early Christmas/Birthday present!!! A new canon!!!
I am SO excited to try it out and so happy to have a camera to take on the go with me. I hate missing any chance to take pictures! So now I will be able to post even more pictures on here!! Whooo hoooo!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Here is a picture I took with my phone today. Harper got to try Peanut butter and jelly for the first time. She is allergic to peanuts and that has always made me sad until a week or so ago when a friend suggested Soy peanut butter. (and since then friends have suggested almond butter as well). She LOVED it! I got her some little vegetable chips to go with it. (and how fun is the mickey mouse plate? That was mine as a toddler and my mom saved it and gave it to me since Harper loves Mickey too. I love that some things never change).

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