Friday, October 01, 2010

Sprucing up for fall

 I'm not real big on decorating for the different seasons except for Christmas but I LOVE fall and I love pumpkins so I decided to get a few and put them around my house.  I got several big ones and mums for outside. They just make me so happy. I had to wait until the weather cooled down a bit.  I still have to get my fall wreath down from the attic and hang it.
 I put these mini pumpkins on my coffee table. I scattered those little pie pumpkins all through my house.
 Our family room has really changed over the last year or so.  We used to have different furniture and since Harper has become active - we took away our coffee table and another cute side table with accessories and basically have a pretty empty room. It's turned into our play room.  I'm okay with that but it just seems so plain.  So a few weeks ago I ordered some canvas pictures to hang on the wall.  I took some of my favorite pictures of Harper and ordered them. 

I just love these pictures of Harper. Scott hung them for me tonight. I told him that next year we would have to add pictures of the new baby on the wall! I will have two babies to try and chase and photograph on a daily basis! That should keep me pretty busy!

Your Photo On Canvas Upload Your Art Or Photos Today. Get Your Canvas Print Shipped Now.
I ordered the canvases at the place above and got a GREAT deal! I think I got all four canvases for what one would probably cost. Just make sure if you decide to get one to use a very high resolution picture! They turn out amazing!

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