Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictureless Wednesday

Thank y'all so much for the sweet comments on my last post. I really do read everyone and I wish I could sit down and reply to each of you - but as you could probably tell by my post - I can't even do laundry - much less answer all my comments. But I cried when I read most of them because I just love knowing we are all in this together!

I just wanted to put a few points on here today - nothing big to share.

We have a HUGE game with Auburn this weekend! I'm so excited/nervous. I seem to have accumulated a lot of Auburn fans/friends on twitter so I hope we can still be friends after this weekend! ha! I know the Alabama people will be cheering for us at least! My friend Flint has a great website that is all great football details - especially SEC called I wrote a post for him under the "for women" tab this week! (GO HOGS!)

I told you last week I was a LG TextEd Ambassador.If you will go here and post a comment on the post about Teens and texting while driving - every comment earns 50 cents for It would be great if you could help the cause by offering your advice/opinions!

I TRULY wish I could maintain some kind of prayer request site outside of the one for single girls and girls wanting babies. I have tried for the last two years to find a way to do it but it's just an impossible task. I'm sent so many and I just get so overwhelmed. I appreciate you sending me your prayer requests and I do pray over each one but I'm just not able to post them all or keep any kind of website for them. Not because I'm not willing - but simply because it's more than I can handle right now. (see post below. ha!) I am going to list a couple I recently received for ya'll to pray for if you can!

  • - This is a former University of AR law student who passed away this week from a brain tumor. He has a baby that is due November 8th. Can you please pray for his wife especially? I can't imagine.

  • Please be in prayer for a pastor in GA, Cameron King and his wife Rachel, who were travelling home from vacation this week and were in a car accident and their 3 year old daughter was killed.

  • Pray for 3 year old Danica who recently had major brain surgery and will have to be immobilized for many months.

Feel free to list any prayer request you might have today in the comments and I hope all of you who read will find a few to lift up in prayer! Thank you!!

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