Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Getting Real

I have a blog friend Amy who I've actually met in real life and she also went to OBU at a different time that me and she is a beautiful person inside and out.  She has been struggling with infertility for a while and she is one of those people I was so burdened for earlier this week.

She has been having a tough time lately and she was trying to encourage one of her friends who is single and in a waiting period of her own.  And she decided to write a post about how God can change your life in a second. How HE is in control. She just wanted to encourage people out there and she wants YOU to share YOUR stories of how God moved in your life.  Whether it was with a husband you longed for, a baby you prayed for, a job you searched for, a marriage that was broken that was saved, health issues, a house that finally sold...............there are all kinds of ways God moves in a big way in our lives and most of us need encouragement in some way.

If you have a story - I would encourage you to link up on her blog: or go there and read stories of hope!

Y'all know my story.  I prayed for a husband from the time I was 16.  I went to a Baptist college hoping to find him. I went through my 20's deciding God was never going to bring me a husband. And then finally my best friend remembered she had a second cousin I might like. And I did! And a month before I turned 30 we were married! God's timing was perfect and seven years of marriage later I love him more now than I did the day we were married.

And then we started trying for a baby and had an early miscarriage. Two and half more years of trying, drugs, IUI's and ultrasounds followed until we were told IVF was our only choice and it wasn't that great. I was 34 and desperate to be a mom. I decided to break from the drugs, break from TV, break from the computer and just focus on God for a week.  He gave me a peace like I have never known and I finally said "God - if you give us a baby I will be so thankful but if you don't - I might not understand but I will love you and serve you anyway." And I had reached a point where I honestly MEANT those words. Nine months later I gave birth to a precious girl who had a HARD beginning at life. We were told she wouldn't live through the night the day she was born. She wasn't breathing and things looked grim.  She was airflighted to the next state and Scott and I again prayed "God - if you let us keep her we will be so thankful. But if you don't - you are the same God we loved yesterday and we will serve you".  And she lived. And she's a wild toddler today.  I don't know why God chose to let us keep our baby but I'm so thankful.  And now we are expecting our second baby who was a HUGE surprise! I honestly didn't know if I could have another one but God has blessed us.

My favorite verse through all of this is Ephesians 3:20 - God is ABLE to do ABUNDANTLY, EXCEEDINGLY more than ALL you can ASK or IMAGINE!!!! Have hope!

*just FYI - if you receive an email from me or any of my family members or "future" family members - it is NOT from me. Please just delete or report as spam. 

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