Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are Family

Harper's Nonny came for a visit today! We are so excited! She is spending the night with us. My dad is in India right now training pastors. He will be home soon but you can remember my family in your prayers - he is traveling alone and where he is is under high terror threats and his mom (my grandma) had a heart attack yesterday and is in the hospital. We are worried about her. We'll be glad when my dad is home safe and my grandmother is doing better.

My mom bought Harper an Elmo doll that kisses and makes the same sound she does when she kisses. She LOVES it!
She loves to give kisses more than Elmo does!
We've just been watching her play - she loves stacking blocks.
Harper has her first day of Mother's Day Out tomorrow so I've been busy packing her stuff! I'm so excited for both of us! She is so social and active - it's going to be so good for her to be around other kids and have a change of scenery and it's going to give me a chance to rest when I'm sick or clean house, run errands and go to doctor appointments when I'm feeling better! I can't wait to see how she does!

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