Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Mother's Day Out

We were up and at them early today to get to our first day of MDO. I was glad my mom was here to help out! We wanted to take a few pictures before we left!
Harper is so proud of her backpack and insists on carrying it even though it's heavy! I thought she looked so cute this morning. I kept thinking in May I will take a picture of her last day and I bet she will look SO much older.
Harper no longer wants to be carried into church. When we get to the ramp or steps - she wants to walk herself in. Such a big girl! (Please do not look at the wide load walking her in! ha! )
We ran into Laurie and her girls going in to MDO! They looked so cute in matching outfits!

Harper did cry when I dropped her off. She was having kind of an off morning. But Laurie checked for me and she had quit crying before I even got out of the parking lot. My mom and I went and had Panera for breakfast and then did a little shopping. I wish we could have done more but I wasn't feeling good so we came home and rested before picking Harper up. I couldn't WAIT to go get her! I love having a break but I missed her so much!

She was happy when we picked her up and had a note that said she ate pretty good, took an hour nap and most loved playing outside. ha! By the time we got home - she had switched into meltdown mode so I just put her down for a short nap.

All in all - I would say our first day of "school" was a success!

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