Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun

Harper went back to MDO today. She really wasn't super excited about having her picture made this morning. This is the best we could do. She cried when I dropped her off and just clung to me but I left and then came back 3 minutes later to peek in her room and she was playing and happy so I'm not too worried. I think she had another good day and she was in a great mood this afternoon. I'm amazed that she took a two hour nap there. She's a horrible sleeper so I'm glad they could get her to sleep out of her comfort zone!
While she was at school - I went over to Jennifer's house to take her a baby gift since I had to miss her shower. She and Brody are two of my favorite people. (I totally stole this picture off her blog since I didn't take a picture today). I love to be around her because she's just a fun person but Brody and Harper are both very "active" toddlers so we always have a lot to discuss and now we both have second babies on the way so it was nice to have someone to say "how are we going to do this" to! ha!
Then I was off to Mellow Mushroom to meet a blogger, Whitney, for lunch. She is a really sweet girl and we had a fun lunch and some yum pizza!!! After lunch it was time to pick Harper up. I just couldn't wait to get her and see how her day was. I missed her so much!

I have to share something funny (mostly for my memory). Harper has said "momma" for a while but never really in correlation to me. Just said the word. The past week or so she has finally connected the word to me and it is music to my ears. She will come running into the room saying "Momma, Momma?" She will say "momma" when she sees pictures of me. It is just the sweetest sound to hear the child you longed for forever call you "momma" in the sweetest voice.

Well - last night we were all 3 sitting on the couch. We had been watching the news and it had gone on to entertainment tonight. Harper was drinking her milk before bed and she suddenly pointed at the TV and said "momma!". We looked up and it was a picture of ............

Anna Nicole Smith.
It was kind of funny until they flashed another picture and she said it again. I told Scott I wanted to see if she would do it again and sure enough - here comes another picture of her and Harper pointed "MOMMA!" Lovely. Not exactly the look I'm going for or who I want my baby to think I look like. Maybe it's time to tone down the blond for fall. ha! But I DID have to laugh!

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