Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

This is our guest bathroom. When we moved into this house around 5 years ago - I decorated with kind of a jungle theme because it's what I had. I've never loved it but I just never put any thought into changing it. It connects between Harper's room and the guest room. But the guest room is about to become Nursery #2 so I decided this bathroom needed to have more kid colors.
I found this cute shower curtain at Target the other day that is both pink and blue and found towels to match. I need some cute decorations for the sink - maybe a cute lamp and/or picture frames. Or I'm not sure what yet. I also decided I was going to make a painting to hang above the towel rod. I am NOT an artist. I have NO artistic ability but I just got in my head that I could do it and headed to Hobby Lobby before I could convince myself otherwise.

I spent a lot of today working on this but here is what I made. It's not perfect. It's not even all that good - but it's my favorite verse and I think it will be sort of cute. I have so many talented friends who could have made something REALLY cute but it was kind of fun to pretend to be creative today and make something for my babies! :-) And I just pray this verse over them that they will know the God who holds them in His hands and sings to them!

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