Friday, July 16, 2010

18 months

Harper - you are EIGHTEEN months!
You are a year and a half old!! I can't believe it!

What are you up to?

You weigh 30 lbs (95%) and are 32 inches tall (75%).
You wear size 5 diapers, size 2T or 24 months clothes, and size 6 shoes.
You still just have 8 teeth.

You are taking a good 2-3 hour nap every day - we have finally switched to an afternoon nap and it's working pretty good.

You sleep from from 7 pm to 7 or 8 am every night but still get up once or twice.

You have recently really started more play acting. You love to give a cup to your dolls or your pacifier. You also love to get dolls or animals and wrap them in blankets. You love to push them in the doll stroller.

You LOVE to give kisses to us, Dawson, your dolls and pretty much anyone else that will get close enough.

You LOVE to streak! Every night after you bath you will take off running while I'm trying to dry you off and just run through the house naked. You LOVE it. You just laugh and laugh and run from me. ha!

Your vocabulary is growing! You say "daddy", "momma", "uh oh", "yes", "no", "hi", "bye", "eat", "please", "bop bop" (which means dog or cat)(my parents have a lab named Bop and that's where it came from), animal sounds of a lion, dog, cat, cow and monkey and you sign "more". This week you started saying "all done" and "please". You have learned to communicate pretty well without words.

We have tried "time out" a few times recently and it actually works pretty well. It calms you down when you are mad or upset and you will sit where I put you and stay until you are calmed down.

Daddy calls you "radio" because you LOVE radios. He has a stereo in his office that you try to get to several times a day. You will turn it on and just dance. You also love my clock radio by my bed. Anytime you hear music on the TV - you will stop what you are doing and dance.

We bought you a DVD player for the car and it has been the best thing ever. You never move or make a sound in the car now - you love watching your videos. It's so funny because you have NO interest in TV or movies at home. You love a Sesame Street songs DVD the most and praise baby and Cedarmont Bible songs.

You love to point out your body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, ears) and to find them on me and Daddy too.

You like to clean up your toys! yeay! You also like to use wet ones to clean your face, your toys, your dolls or your books. You like to clean your high chair after you eat. It cracks me up to watch you "cleaning".

You just had your very first week of VBS and I think you did really good. I would secretly watch you on the playground or walking down the hall and I would just get so tickled. I could stand and watch you interacting and playing all day. You are growing so fast! You love to go to church!

You still want me to hold you all the time. And even though you are HEAVY - I secretly love it. I know there are probably only a few months left where you will want to be held a lot. I love when you snuggle close to my chest and tuck your arms underneath you and rest your head in my neck. It's my favorite thing in the world!

You want to feed yourself now all the time with a spoon or fork. It's messy - but you are getting better and better. You are CLEARLY left handed!

I can't believe we are halfway to two! Where has the time gone? You are my precious girl and I love watching you grow!

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