Friday, June 04, 2010

Random Friday

Show Us your life today was about Random Acts of Kindness........and now this post is just about Random Stuff. ha! I took some pictures of Harper today that I loved so I'm just putting a lot of random stuff in between! ha!

I got a package today from one of my best friends Hillary. She has started sewing and she made Harper this dress. It's reversible and monogrammed on both sides!!! Isn't it so cute? She even made her a matching bow! I can't wait for her to wear this! Thank you Hillary!!!

There is an amazing family that lives in Oklahoma and has 13 children. One was 3 years old and died of cancer 3 years ago. They also have these twin sons , Caleb and Daniel Morris, who have a CD out that is SO great! It's instrumental music and it's all hymns. Which I love a lot of music but I'm a sucker for Hymns. There is nothing like the old hymns in the hymn book. These two guys are SO talented and their CD would make an amazing soundtrack or gift!

Check them out at :

And I'm giving away TWO copies! Just leave me a comment ON MY REVIEW BLOG telling me your favorite hymn or if you don't have one - just let me know you'd like this CD! You will be blessed by it!!! I'll give it away on Wednesday night of next week!
I loved the back of the little outfit Harper was wearing today. I couldn't help but post it! :-)

This week is Soles4Souls Barefoot Week, which was created to bring awareness to the fact that more than 300 million children and 1.5 billion adults worldwide do not have footwear. Soles4Souls, the shoe charity, donates millions of shoes every year to help people in need.

If you have extra shoes, consider donating them to Soles4Souls. Or, donate funds to help them get shoes to people around the world - $1=1 pair of shoes.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and reading ideas for the toddler years. I actually got 100 pages read today (which is monumental for me) and I'm trying to apply everything I learn. We are going to my parents next week and I plan to go armed with about 5 books that hopefully I can read while the grandparents play with Harper! :-)
And finally - Ya'll know how important prayer is to me and how much I love and am honored to pray for people. I have tried over the last couple of years to find a good way to manage prayer requests. I have a prayer blog. I have tried to direct requests to Prayer Gates. I would love to post every prayer request I get here but it just becomes unmanageable and I'm so limited on my email time that I just get so overwhelmed. But I know this is a praying community. So I thought maybe in this post - if you have a prayer request and maybe a link to care pages or a blog of people who need prayer - you could list those here in the comments and we could pray over them. I may try to every other week or so begin posting a link list purposely for prayer requests. Maybe just once a month. I'm working through ideas.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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