Saturday, June 05, 2010

My Girl Likes to Party All the Time

We have had a busy Saturday! Harper was invited to TWO birthday parties today. (Is it sad that her social calendar is MUCH busier than mine!) ha! She and Sarah Kate posed together this morning!
The first party was at Jump Zone and was for our friend Clay who was turning Five! I hosted a baby shower for his mom at my house when she was pregnant with him - and that seems like it was just yesterday!
Harper had so much fun. The only problem is she didn't want to go in the "little kid" jump stations - she wanted to be with the big kids. And I was so scared all the bigger boys would knock her down. But she held her own.
This picture cracked me up. They took a picture of all the kids there but MY child was the only one who wouldn't sit still for the picture. She came and stood out from everyone else. Oh dear.

The birthday boy - isn't he handsome?
We came home and ate lunch and changed clothes. One because she got cupcake all over her first outfit and also this little dress I bought when I was pregnant and it matched the second party exactly so I thought it would be the perfect place to wear it!
Party #2 was for our friend Avery who was turning one. Her mom Ashley is such a great party hostess and she had all kinds of fun details that made it so cute!
The candy table!
Harper loved the bubble machine!
The party was at Ashley's parents house - they live on the lake and it's GORGEOUS! I want to live out there now myself!
Little almost 3 week old Grayson was there with a cute shirt that said "Avery's future husband" ha!
The birthday girl - she is so precious!
Me and Ashley and Harper! We had such a great time! It was soooooooooooo hot. I think around 95 degrees. I was melting. (Actually I was sweating like a man). Harper and I had to leave early because we were both worn out and burning up.

We are thankful for such fun friends to celebrate birthdays with! Harper ran all over the place at both parties and has been so wound up. I think we are going to (call us crazy) go eat somewhere early and then come home and go to bed early! I'm going to try something new tonight and see how it goes! I'll let you know!

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