Thursday, June 03, 2010

Play Group and Reading Material

I'm a little behind (again) so SUYL will be up some time tomorrow! It's all about Random Acts of Kindness ideas!
We had play group today at my friend Tracy's house. It was a swim party. This was us before we left to go. My mom got Harper this little swim suit and matching cover up. It's a size 3 so I had put it back for next year and then I looked at it again and decided it would fit. YIKES - how is she already wearing a size 3?
Tracy is CRAZY! She has two kids, works from home, sews, and manages to constantly throw parties. I don't know how she does it. And everything always looks so cute! We had pizza and homemade ice cream!

The kids had a great time!
Brother and sister - how cute are they?
Harper found a big car she liked. Later when we were there and I didn't have my camera - I looked over and she had gotten on a Hot Wheels motorcycle - the kind you can push a button and drive and she was tearing across the yard on it. Oh Dear! I don't know how she figured out how to do that but I have to keep my eyes on that girl.
Some of the bigger kids eating a picnic lunch. We had so many moms and kids there today!
Harper wasn't too interested in swimming - she mostly ran around and played in a little house they have.
And went down the slide.
Mary Avery and Jessica and their babies
We came home and I gave Harper a bath and she took a really long nap. So when she got up I decided since Scott had things he needed to do for work and Harper wouldn't want to go to bed at her usual time - we would go and have a little girls date. We went and rummaged around T J Maxx and then went to Mimi's. I don't know why on earth I thought that was a good idea. Luckily they brought her a plate of crackers and cheerios right away and her food immediately. So we were fine but it was a wait on my food and by the time it came - she was out of control. There were mostly older couples there eating (it was early) and this one fussy couple sitting near us started discussing how wild she was and how I wasn't controlling her and it made me SO flustered. I got the check and a to go box when they brought out my food and we left and walked next door to Borders where I bought these two books.
And I may stay up all night reading them. I know Harper is not any worse than any other child her age but I want to get a handle on her before she is 3 or 4 and acting awful. It's an important job to be a parent and I'm so scared to do the wrong things. Harper is a very strong willed spirited child but she is also so sweet and cute. We came home and as worn out as I was - she was giggling and kissing Dawson and tickling my legs and I just love her with my whole heart.

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