Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hair, A Play Date, and Meals on Wheels

First of all - Scott reminded me what Harper was throwing such a horrible fit about in the previous post - she wanted to throw our bedroom remote control in the toilet and I wouldn't let her. So you can see how I am obviously mistreating her and why she would be upset. ha! ha! Thanks for all the encouraging words on how the 3's are the worst. I'm so excited I have so much to look foward to. ha ha ha ha!

I am a short hair girl. I have tried many times to grow my hair long but it is just not ever to be. I do not like wearing ponytails. So I am one with the bob. But I feel like I wear my hair exactly the same every day so I'm trying out a few new looks. Last night I went to bed with wet hair and this morning I added in a few twists of a curling iron and went with wavy hair. I'm thinking this might be the look for the summer. Easy Breezy. I tried to rock a braid the other day and the girl at the Sonic window told me she really liked it - so maybe I'll try that again! ;-)
We had a play date at our friend Jessica's house today. She has two boys - Landon and Logan. This is Harper playing with Landon. Jessica's sister Jaimi and her two kids and Laurie and the girls joined us also. We ate lunch and let the kids play inside and outside. It was a lot of fun.
How cute are these two? I overheard Jackson telling Emily "Let's play family - I'll be the daddy and you be the mommy"...... OH BOY - we are not ready for that yet! :-)

Sweet Jordyn
Harper was asleep before we pulled off of their road so I basically drove around and let her have a car nap today.

Tonight we took a meal to our friend Melissa who just had baby Grayson. I love taking meals to people but the thing I hate the most is trying to carry food somewhere. Since they live near us I decided our best bet was to put the food in Harper's wagon and take it that way!
He is SO precious and TINY! I can't believe Harper was THREE pounds bigger than this when she was born!
Melissa and Harper. I got to hold Grayson and I loved it but Harper did NOT love it. She kept wanting me to hold her too. Jealous much?
He was so sweet - I would have TOTAL baby fever right now but Harper has had 45,617 fits this afternoon and that pretty much erased every ounce of that in me. ha!

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