Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blah Blah Blah......................

First of all - thank you for your response to my post yesterday. I honestly didn't sleep much the night before because I was so excited to just put it out there! And I have a LOT of emails from you and each one means so much so I'm trying to answer them all quickly.

Since I didn't post yesterday - here is a picture of Harper on flag day! I have two precious patriotic smocked dresses so I've tried to let her wear them on Memorial day, flag day and of course we will be all about it on 4th of July.
Yesterday we ate lunch with my friends Rebekah and Flint who just moved back to my area (I'm so excited!) and their little girl Cilla. Cilla and Harper are just about two months apart. I'm hoping they will be good friends! They both share a love for food! ha! It's the tie that binds!

Harper this morning before we headed to Bible Study.
This is what I see every Sunday morning or Tuesday morning when I go to pick Harper up from the Nursery. She LOVES Mrs. Gail and EVERY time I go to get her she is sitting in the rocker on her lap. They are BFF. I honestly don't think she really wanted to come home with me today. See that look on her face - it's like "eh, oh yippee - you are back. Do I have to go with you?"
And just a little celebrity news.................back in the mid 90's when I was 21 or 22 and 90210 was in it's glory days - people used to tell me all the time I looked like Tiffani-Amber Thiessan (a.k.a. Kelly Kapowski, Valerie Malone). We had similar hair and round faces. I even had little girls come up to me once (in church no less) and ask me for my autograph.
Anyway - I had to laugh today when I heard she had her first daughter today (at 36!) and her name? HARPER! Think I should send her some monogrammed hand me downs? ;-)

And P.S. I tweeted this earlier (and I'm working on letting people follow me again but Twitter won't let me accept requests right now- so as soon as that's fixed!) - but I went in T J Maxx today and this guy (who looked familiar) said to me "Hey - don't you go to Sonic a lot? and you like Route 44 Vanilla diet cokes? Yep - I used to work there". OH BROTHER! and what I didn't have room to say on twitter was he added in "Yeah - we used to always say - here comes the vanilla diet coke lady". Chawed would be the word you are looking for right now. ha!

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