Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

I hope ya'll have had a good Memorial day! We have had a very low key one here at home. We bought a new grill this weekend and we were ready to try it out. We have always wanted a grill but there has always been something else we needed inside the house so we finally broke down and got one - I have a feeling we will wear this thing out this summer. We cooked hamburgers for lunch today.

Harper played outside with bubbles while we cooked lunch.
A sweet reader gave me the idea yesterday to get Harper stickers to play with so we tried that out today and she really liked it.
This morning we made a family trip to Wal-Mart to get groceries and we also picked up a swimming pool for our backyard. Harper LOVES water - border line obsession - so I know we will have so much fun out there this summer.
We finally got it blown up and filled up later this afternoon and we tried it out! The water was a little cold but we had a great time!
Me and my bathing beauty in her all American Memorial day bathing suit! ha! Scott took pictures of us swimming and it was very clear to me that I need to start running - as in tonight. Harper and I share the same nose, the same cheeks, the same smile and the same thunder thighs. Only it's cute on her. (and Y'all aren't seeing the thighs - I promise they ARE bad. I'm fairly thin above my waist and knees down between the waist and knees - it's not good). ha!
She played with some little pool toys.
Daddy - why are you just now getting me a pool?
And while we played - Dawson found a nice shady spot to stretch out in and he looked the most content out of all of us.

It's been a nice day.
Let the summer begin!

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