Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

This weekend Scott's parents came for a visit. Harper has been SPOILED rotten with attention. She loves her grandparents. She is a lucky baby to have so much love!

She has had a great time!
Saturday morning we headed to our local farmer's market. It was my first trip this year. I didn't buy anything because I forgot cash and also we had 3 dogs with us and it was crowded so we just strolled through. But I will go back next week to get some things! Afterwards we walked to a little park for Harper to play and then we ate lunch.
It was nice having Gigi and Pap-paw here because they entertained Harper while I got to just rest and get a few things done around the house. Can you tell she feels like a movie star with all the attention she got?

Harper and her Gigi
Saturday night we went to eat at Outback. Steve went with us because Laurie and the girls had gone to visit her family for a few days. Harper was pretty wild so I ended up taking her outside while everyone finished dinner. It was a nice night and we had fun hanging out on the porch.
This morning we went to church and then to Copelands for lunch. Harper was a handful there too. This may have been our last weekend to go out to eat for a few years (how many times am I going to say that? ha!) We had a nice church service and they did a good job of focusing on what this weekend is all about - thanking and remembering our veterans. I know I can not thank enough any man or woman who has served our country so I can live in a free country and worship freely and live such a wonderful life. We are SO blessed to live in our nation. Both of my grandfathers served in wars and they were my heros. I know many of you are wives of soldiers (or maybe you are soldiers yourself) - THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

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