Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Beach Some Where

So it's not technically summer but in Arkansas - it sure feels like it so my mind has been wandering towards the beach. We are a beach family. We LOVE trips to the beach. And I think Harper is definitely going to be a water baby.
We don't like a lot of activities - mostly we like to spend our days relaxing on the beach (or as much as you can with a toddler) and then we like to eat a good dinner somewhere and then go to bed early. Oh - it's just my favorite thing.
We LOVE Gulf Shores, AL. This is us last year. We have been thinking about a trip there late this summer possibly but we are worrying that oil spill may mess things up.
So we've been looking at other places as well.

Me in Kauai in 2006 - Hawaii is our FAVORITE place but until we can imagine taking Harper on that long of a plane ride (i.e. about 10 years) - we won't be going there anytime soon.
Gulf Shores about 3 years ago.
So I asked people on twitter yesterday where their favorite beaches are. We may not take a vacation this year but if we do - I'm exploring options. We love everything about the gulf coast but I'd love to see something different. We want to drive or take a short plane ride.
Right now high on our lists are Rosemary Beach, FL; Seaside or Watercolor, FL; or Santa Rosa Beach. I would love to go to Carolina beaches but not sure if this is the year.
Kauai in 2008

Or maybe St. Simon or Tybee Island in Georgia? I've heard good things about those places!
Maui - 2003

So what is your favorite beach? Any suggestions for us?

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