Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Misc

Seriously - why did I think it was a good idea to let Harper feed herself ravioli today? ha!
Needless to say we had an after lunch bath!
I get probably 30 or 40 emails a week asking me what kind of camera I have. We use a Canon 5D. We bought it before Harper was born and made the decision we wanted to spend money up front to have a good camera because that was very important to us. We have never had her pictures made professionally but we have managed to get some great shots of her ourselves (we think). You also ask me what I do editing in. Honestly - I don't know how to edit. I use lightroom or picasa and I just do a little cropping or adding fill light and that's about it. I would love to learn one day to do more.

If you live in NWA - there is a great opportunity for you! Benfield Photography is hosting a workshop on July 10 from 10 - 3:30 (lunch included) all about "how to take pictures of your kids"!!! Bring your camera and they will teach you. It's in Fayetteville and the cost is $99.
BUT they are giving my readers a discount and if you use this code: SYK_KELLY20 by May 15 - you will get $20 off!!!!!! Take the link above to get all the details!!!

And in other news..............Scott and I had a talk this morning and decided we are way too tied to technology. So we are cutting ourselves off at 8:30 every night. (That may move to 8 soon). After 8 or 8:30 - we are turning off our iPhones and computers and the TV (unless we have a show we want to watch together). We just need to spend time together. And maybe go to bed before midnight. So that means that the very few hours I had each day to answer e-mails or do blog works is pretty much shrinking to minutes. I feel like I'm always apologizing for this and I'm going to do it again here because it really does make me feel so bad - but I am sorry I'm so bad at returning emails. I've taken down my e-mail for now and I'm going to try to answer the hundreds I have in my inbox now and then I'll just see what I can handle. Every word you say to me means SO much but at the end of the day - I have a family that needs me and laundry that needs caught up and a house that needs to be cleaned and books to be read, etc.

I hope ya'll have a great Monday. It's about to storm here which I do not love. I'm ready for summer sunshine and I'm dreaming of the beach today! (That may be the topic of my post tomorrow so get ready!)

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