Friday, May 07, 2010

Show Us Your LIfe - Your Kid's (or future kid's) names

Ever since I was a little girl - I have always had names picked out for my "babies". I love names. Scott and I decided on two names while we were still dating. These are our names and why we chose them:

We wanted to name our children after our grandparents to honor them because they all meant so much to us.

Our children's last name will be the same as Scott's paternal grandparents so that is their legacy. Scott's paternal grandfather passed away when Scott was very young but his grandmother lived right down the road from Scott his whole life. She was a very interesting, funny woman. She was also Laurie's great aunt and I used to hear stories about her in college before I ever even knew about Scott. She passed away right before we got married.


Hudson Walker

Hudson is Scott's maternal grandparents last name. They have each passed away since we got married but they played an important role in his life and I was blessed to have known them. They were very sweet people. Scott grew up in the same town with them and spent a lot of his younger years with them.

Walker was my pap-pa's middle name. My pap-pa was the sweetest man you would ever meet with a smile that would light up the room. He never met a stranger and I don't think there could have possibly been a person alive who didn't just love him. He was a prisoner of war during WW2 for four years. I loved him so much. He passed away several years ago.


Harper Brown

I wanted to use a name from my paternal grandparents because they mean so much to me. My cousin already named his son after my grandpa so I wanted something to honor my grandmother. Her maiden name was Harlan. I didn't know how that would be for a girl's name so we modified a little and are using Harper. I have always loved that name and I'll always know that it also represents my grandmother. My dad's mom is the only grandparent Scott or I have left and I love her so much. My cousins, brother, and I used to spend our summers with them and those summers are some of my most favorite childhood memories. My grandpa was a colonel in the army and lived all over the world. And my grandmother has always reminded me of a 50's movie star.

My middle name is Lee and my mam-ma's middle name was Lee. My mom really wanted me to use Lee but if I named her Harper Lee - everyone would think it was after the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird" (which is my favorite book). So I decided to use my mam-ma's maiden name, Brown. It's also my favorite color.
My mam-ma was the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman. She's everything I aspire to be and everything I hope that little Harper will be.

So if we have a second child and he turns out to be a boy - we are set! We are still working on a girl name. Her initials will for sure be H.B.S. We are pretty set on a name but I'm saving that until we are expecting a girl (if that happens).

I might find a name I like better in your posts...........................ha!

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