Sunday, May 02, 2010

P J party

We started off our day a little rough. Harper woke up screaming at 4 this morning and would not go back to sleep. She just kept screaming and pulling her ears. So I knew we had an ear infection. Scott got up and drove us to the ER around 5:30. We got meds and she was soon feeling much better. Clearly we did not make it to church. So we spent the day at home in our PJ's.
This afternoon I headed to church in my PJ's because our preschool choir did our little spring musical for the parents tonight. It was called "P J Party" Which stands for Prayers to Jesus. This is me and all the sweet girls who helped me this year. We had a lot of fun and I LOVE these girls!
The kids were adorable in their pajama's and did SO much better than I thought they would. They have never stood still for a second in practice but suddenly with parents watching - they were star performers! Hallelujah!

After we sang - we had a little party. These are some of my sweet girls I love!
And precious Emily!

And just a few more things:

1. I used random integer generator to pick the 3 winners for Angie's book:
604 Missy Jones
561 Nicki Glenn
902 Jessica at Jessica's Joy

I have emailed the winners. If you didn't win - you need to totally find the book anyway!

2. The other day when I wrote about infertility - I sent you to a sweet girl Adrienne's blog who was announcing a pregnancy after so many losses. She found out a few days ago that there are issues with the baby. Possibly down syndrome or possibly something where the baby would not live. Would you pray for her?

3. Both Angie and Adrienne and SO many other friends I have made over the last few years live in Nashville and I'm so burdened for them. It's really bad there and rain and floods stress me out. Pray for all of those who have lost homes or lives.

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