Monday, May 03, 2010

Beautiful Day and a little bit crazy

Today was one of those great days where we really didn't have anything to do but have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather. And practice good dental hygiene (Harper would brush her teeth six hours out of the day if I would let her).
Harper REFUSED to nap today so we went to a local walking trail and just enjoyed being outside. It was an absolute perfect day. We checked out the ducks.

Harper was not too sure about them. Neither was I.
The trail was pretty empty which is rare so I let Harper get out and walk - hoping she would run off some energy. She wanted to push the stroller. So she did.
And then she ran..............
And ran.......... it was a great afternoon!
Then we picked up Dawson who got his first summer haircut of the season. He looks more like a poodle than a bichon now but it is just so much easier to keep him in short hair.

And now something that has intrigued me for months, maybe years and I have finally decided to share about it. My town has a main street that leads to our town square and it's lined with beautiful dogwood and Magnolia and redbud trees and old houses. I love this street. I drive up it every day if possible because it just makes me happy. There is one house that I always look at because it has a huge glass window (not facing the street - kind of on the side) and there is always this mannequin in the window and she is always in different outfits. I'm so curious about who lives in that house. I've decided to start taking pictures of the outfits and to share it with you.
Maybe I'm the crazy one?

She needs a name. I'm thinking Blanche. Today she was in a lovely spring frock and hat. I know that last week she was in bright green and I'm sorry I didn't get a picture. But I'll be documenting Blanche's outfits from now on. I tweeted a little about this and found that many of you have some kind of "thing" like this in your town. It seems like an eccentric Southern thing but maybe it's nation wide. Do you? Because I have to tell you - I LOVE all things kooky and weird. And Blanche is one of my favorite things about my town.

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