Monday, April 05, 2010

Visit from the grandparents

Well - ya'll have totally chawed me with all your nice comments on my last post. I am FAR from skinny but I'm really working on it. I'm doing weight watchers and I've lost 12 lbs total (but gained back 5 after a fried food whirlwind in south AR) so I'm really down 7 lbs. I'm hoping to lose at least 10 more before I go to Atlanta in a few weeks. I'm happy to just finally be getting some of this weight off. It's not easy.

Easter isn't quite over at our house yet. Harper had fun playing with her basket of eggs today too!
She cracked me up - she was carrying this basket around just like Sophia carries her purse on the "Golden Girls".

I love this little pink romper on her.
My parents came over for a little visit and stayed a few hours. We went and ate lunch at Panera and then they played with her. Harper LOVES all of her grandparents. In fact - I would try to get her to come to me and she would shake her head no and want her Nonny. My mom said this is payback because when I was little I would come home from my grandparents house and cry " I want my mam-ma" all the time.
I enjoyed a visit from my parents and so did Harper! We love ya'll!

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