Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eye Charts and Cowboy Boots

Today was time for my annual eye exam. I am VERY near sighted and the eye doctor stresses me out. Mine is super nice and he does a very detailed exam - it's gotten so high tech. Today he took pictures of the back of my eyes and we looked at them. FREAKY! But all the reading the charts and saying which one is better stresses me out. I feel like it's the SAT and I didn't prepare.

Scott kept Harper while I went. Look how happy she was to hang out with her daddy!
This afternoon we went over to see Laurie and the girls. I really was just going to drop something off but we ended up staying for a long time. And we had a great time. These girls are jealous for Laurie's attention and love so she had to hold both of them. That's about 60 lbs of pure love!
Emily was getting ready for dance and had to perform a few numbers for me.
I had dressed Harper up in her little cowgirl outfit and was going to take her to this old red barn to take her picture but when we got there the grass was really high and I was so afraid of snakes and Harper was melting down so I skipped the barn and came home. And then Harper did NOT feel like taking pictures but I tried to snap a few.
Check out the pot belly - ha!
Just for fun - here she is at 9 months in the same outfit. It was too big then.
I'm pretty sure she was admiring her cowboy boots here! I don't blame her!
I had to show you the cute necklace I was wearing today. I ordered it from this girl who is originally from Scott's hometown and now lives in NYC. I got a lot of compliments on it from the eye dr's office and Laurie (those are the only two places I went today. ha!) She cracked me up the other day because she said she likes to read my friends' blogs because they are so stylish and she likes to see what they are wearing! It's a funny day when you live in the fashion capital and yet are interested in what girls from Arkansas are wearing! :-) Her etsy site is here - cute things!

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